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Investment Promotion

We specialise in working with leading Investment Promotion Agencies, supporting them with their economic development efforts in the MENAT region. Our expertise include lead generation across traditional and emerging industry sectors, the organisation of high level government missions and events, and strategic consulting advisory to governments wanting to increase their footprint in the region. 

Our Teams Investment Promotion Projects

Kent Consulting & Events spearheaded a strategic initiative to facilitate cross-regional investment opportunities between the Middle East and China. This comprehensive endeavor aimed to attract investment of Middle East Capital to China while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and driving economic growth across borders.

Our recent High-Level Delegation Roadshow brought together influential stakeholders from the Middle East to explore investment opportunities in China, fostering meaningful collaborations along the way.

We curated an exclusive event in the UAE, drawing top-tier participants across sectors to engage in insightful discussions, networking, and strategic exchanges.

Our meticulously arranged tailored B2B meetings and site visits in the UAE and KSA provided participants with firsthand insights into key markets and potential partnerships. These initiatives showcase our expertise in empowering clients to seize lucrative opportunities and navigate international markets successfully.

Market Entry Support

We provide customised Market Entry Support as you navigate the intricacies of entering a new region. We provide boots on the ground to find and connect you with valuable clients and partners to help expand your business effectively to achieve long term success.

Our Teams Private Sector Work

Kent Consulting & Events has partnered with private companies to facilitate their expansion into the UAE market, offering comprehensive in-market support tailored to their unique needs. The projects encompass a range of services, including market and sector analysis, targeted introductions to potential clients in various sectors such as retail stores, distributors, healthcare establishments, and governmental bodies, as well as strategic PR activities aimed at enhancing brand visibility and reputation.

Our recent private sector clients have been looking to expand their footprint in the UAE by finding relevant partners, clients and distributors in the region.

Our firm conducted a thorough analysis of the market and relevant sectors, to identify key opportunities and challenges critical for Zerene and Kamjo’s expansion strategy.

Leveraging our extensive network, we facilitated introductions to potential clients across retail, healthcare, and governmental sectors, empowering both companies to establish valuable connections and explore partnership opportunities.

Additionally, our team executed strategic PR activities, elevating Kamjo and Zerene’s brand presence and enhancing awareness among target audiences in trade shows and panel discussions.

Marketing and Events

We are committed to delivering exceptional Marketing Communications (Marcom) services with a strategic focus on elevating brand presence. With our team specialising in Digital Marketing, we offer content and website creation, and advertising strategy development to position your brand in the market.

We provide pro bono support to empower CSR activities in emerging countries. One of our most recent engagement supports Chaffinch, a UK registered charity organisation to provide underprivileged children in Nairobi, Kenya with assisting their education, healthcare, and food.

Why Choose Us?

Our team comes with a wealth of experience and a strong track record having worked with leading public and private sector entities. 

Each client is appointed a dedicated project manager who gives guidance throughout the stages of the project to ensure tangible outcomes.

Our extensive regional networks, accomplished team of advisors and unprecidented expertise make us an ideal partner for supporting you to gain effective access to the MENAT region.

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